Posted on Aug 21, 2012

Since we began in 2007, there is one region of the world that we haven’t been able to ship canoes to, Europe. Normally, when anyone east of the Atlantic inquires about a canoe, we tell them to look at what’s locally produced, as shipping a Pueo will be prohibitively expensive. To date, there are only three Pueo up there; one in Venice, one in France, and one in Switzerland. However, that is about to change.

We are contacted by companies interested in manufacturing the Pueo all the time. Our stock answer is “no.” While we are committed to local manufacturing, we are even more committed to quality manufacturing. Before we’ll even consider a partnership, a company must have a proven reputation for quality and a passion for outrigger canoeing. So far the only company that fit the bill was Kamanu Composites Australia. Run by Travis Grant with canoes built by Peter Corbishley, Kamanu Composites Australia has gained a reputation for the highest quality construction. So far that relationship has been hard to match. But, we have finally found the European equivalent.

Woo is an outrigger canoe manufacturing company founded four years ago by a group of friends in southern France. They are committed to local manufacturing and products created by local paddlers. Their stated reason for manufacturing is “why import canoes when you can make them yourself and create a dynamic around your passion.” We are proud to announce that they are ready to start taking orders on the Pueo for European customers.

The prospects for this new partnership are extremely exciting. Finally, we’ll have a legitimate business excuse to travel to the South of France.

For more information on Woo, their products, or ordering a Pueo in Europe, please contact Rico Leroy at ricoleroy@me.com