We're hiring!

Posted on Apr 04, 2022

Hiring FT and PT. All technician positions pay $15-30/hr depending on experience. We are very willing to teach and train people with no direct experience, but we like to see some examples of work, art, or projects that demonstrate your skills, ability to learn, and passion. Experience and interest in paddling is always a plus. If you're interested in any open positions, please email keizo@kamanucomposites.com with a cover letter and resume.

Composite Technicians

All technician roles have a certain amount of overlap. Eventually, people can learn all or most of the skills and cover most positions in the shop, but usually specialize in one or two areas.

Guts Technician

Affectionately called guts since you are responsible for all the internals of each canoe. Generally speaking, it's a 4pm-9pm shift and works well for part-time schedules.

Spray Artist

We are looking for someone to take our painting operations to the next level. Must be meticulous about design and able to think steps ahead, planning and executing complex canoe paint jobs. Our techniques are a bit unusual in that you spray a mold, so you never see the final product until days after your painting is complete. Must be able to function at high speed and under pressure to get creative ideas done within the timeframe that the medium allows. Some days are easy (all white) and can be done in 4 hours, while others require 15 hours of attention.

The goal is to find someone to push the envelope with designs but also someone who can deliver reliable and consistent results. This step is one of the critical steps in our process and drives our success or failure. Other responsibilities will include mold prep, mold upkeep, maintenance and management of paint equipment and supplies, repairs, finish work for canoes, and other products.

Laminating Technician

Laminators put our canoes together piece by piece. It's a skilled craft, taking raw materials and precisely putting all the pieces together to make the structure of a canoe. Tasks include prep work, mixing resin, laminating, vacuum bagging, opening molds, and cleaning.

Finishing Technician

We are looking for someone to be a master canoe finisher. Taking the canoe from the mold to a shiny product ready for the customer can be the most challenging and rewarding aspect of our work. Tasks include detailed inspection, wet sanding, buffing, stickering, repairs, rigging, polishing, grinding, cleaning, organizing, and anything else that can help build great canoes. This person is the gatekeeper of our quality.

Composites Project Manager

  • Lead a team, building and finishing original plugs.
  • Develop and make production composite molds.
  • Implement and train a team for production.
  • Solve problems and implement solutions along the way.
  • Experience with CAD/CAM/CNC is desirable or at least some technical background.
  • Composites experience is necessary.
  • Comfortable sanding, laying up parts, spraying is a plus.
  • Familiarity with vacuum-assisted resin infusion.
  • Familiarity with welding, building support structures would be good.
  • Interest in water sports and the products we build is always good.
  • $50-$70k salary, 2 weeks PTO, medical, 401k