Updated Custom Noio Options

Posted on Feb 13, 2024

There were some great and thoughtful responses to my last email (which if you didn’t read, can be found here — a winding recap of the last few years in our quest to keep canoes made in Hawai’i). Perhaps my favorite response, "My Noio has a soul." I appreciate the encouragement. Our mission continues.

While our move is still in progress, we already feel the advantages of a better organized and smaller space. Tools are within reach, and we spend way less time walking! It'll be more efficient, and I am excited to focus more on the craft of building boats. For our team of builders, this means more variety of work, a little less focus on high-rate specialization, and more emphasis on the art of canoe building from start to finish.

With all these changes, we are also making a few updates to our pricing and custom options. Both a lower entry point starting at $5900, and way more custom paint options available.

Complete information on the Noio OC1 Order Form

A few other notes:

We are still taking deposits for the Gorge delivery! Please follow up with aria@kamanucomposites.com if interested.

Our mailing address will remain the same.

The new location is behind our current building, open regular hours in starting in March.

We are slowly but steadily pushing out a number of older canoes at lower costs. Please inquire if interested!

More updates soon!

Thanks for reading.


Keizo Gates