The Retreat

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

Every other August we take our entire shop to Kaua'i for a quick, well deserved vacation. It's our bi-annual chance to recuperate from the daily grind of building canoes. It's not a strategy session or even about team bonding. We go with no motivation other than to have fun with our co-workers in a unique place. In 2009 we rented a cottage on the beach on the west side. In 2011 we camped for two days at Poli Hale. And, this year, we rented a remote cabin at 4,500 feet in Koke'e State Park. We hiked, surfed, dove, played frisbee, drove (a lot), and, of course, we paddled. There to capture the action were our two resident videographers: Makana Denton and Kaoru Lovett. Thanks to them, we now have a chance to spend the next two years watching this video before we go on our next trip.

The Retreat from Makana Denton on Vimeo.