“Become the most amazing company in the entire world...
and build good canoes while we're at it.”

-Kamanu Composites' mission

Reason for Being

We started Kamanu Composites with the simple goal of doing something fun centered around what we loved. The canoe brought us together. It formed us as individuals and as a company. But today, it’s about more than just building canoes and having a good time. What brings us back each day is the idea that we are part of something bigger. By focusing on our craft, localism, and sustainability we aim to use this business as a means to have a positive impact on the world.

For everything that we produce, we thrive on doing each step the best way we know how. First we figure out what we want; then we design it, we build it, and we do everything in-between until a quality product is in the hands of the user. It’s a learning experience and it’s a practice in self reliance. Striving for perfection within every step of the manufacturing process has become more than just a responsibility; it’s an obsession. We believe a product should not be made for consumption, but for long term value and use. We make every effort to deliver that.

We believe wholeheartedly in local manufacturing. We don’t outsource, re-sell, or source canoes. We build them from start to finish. Materials come in and canoes go out. We believe it results in better products, reduces our environmental footprint, stimulates our local economy, and provides high skilled jobs to our community.

Every business decision is framed around a simple premise: sustainability. And that filters our every action. From our commitment to local manufacturing, to reducing our reliance on petrochemical materials, to rejecting the idea of limitless growth. We are working towards a company that’s net impact on the world is positive. We still have a long way to go, but with the right core values we believe we are pulling that goal a little closer every day.

In the end, it’s about satisfied customers, happy workers, and a healthy world.

Who We Are

Kamanu Composites was founded in 2007 by three friends pursuing a lifelong dream. Over the years it has expanded to include nineteen composites technicians and a team of the world’s best paddlers. While the company is centered out of Kailua, O’ahu, Kamanu Composites has licensed local manufacturers in France (Woo) and Australia (Kamanu Aus) and distribution networks in Los Angeles, Seattle, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Kailua Facility

Brandon Terry

Brandon can free-dive deeper than most fish. At night he closes canoes. When he's not at work or underwater, he likes to make wood carvings.

Gavin Nall

Gavin's a full time engineering student, but when he's not at school he's either building a Pueo, drone, or rocket.

Greg Wong

Greg is the 17th best archer on the planet. Literally, with a bow an arrow. We're lucky to have him. He's also an engineer who loves composites.

Justin Watts

Justin builds Pueos start to finish. He surfs, kitesurfs, and can paddle really fast. He also saves lives with Honolulu Ocean Safety in his free time.

Ka'eo Lindsey

Ka'eo is the tall guy. You wouldn't know it because he doesn't talk much, but he's a 4x HHSAA State Champion paddler. Must be some type of record.

Keizo Gates

Keizo often walks around with calipers and measures things. No one really knows why.

Kekoa Kohnke

Kekoa sprays, laminates, and finishes. Don't challenge him to volleyball, cause he will beat you.

Luke Evslin

Luke lives on Kaua'i. He's kind of odd. But he answers 401 phone calls and writes 739 emails every day.

Mike Chimienti

Mike makes the rudders. All of them. If you spin out, it's probably because Mike is mad at you.

Nick Herrera

Nick appeared on our doorstep as a baby. His presence breaks seven child labor laws. But he's a repair magician. Two pieces come in, one goes out.

Otto Wolff IV

Otto's dream is to surf like John John. He's not quite there yet, but he build's a pretty good Pueo.

Savannah Wright

Savannah paddles and comes from a family of paddlers. Now she talks to customers about paddling. We hope she still likes it at the end of the day.


Shopcat appears only on moonless nights. She has neurological issues. Don't approach her.

Tina Craveiro

Tina's not very good at volleyball, but she makes up for it in spraying, laminating, finishing and a passion for paddling.